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‘Country confirms Covid-19 outbreak’; Lockdown imposed to inspect Omicron’s spread

According to media sources, North Korea officially admitted the Covid outbreak for the first time in almost two years on Thursday. The country has also ordered a nationwide lockdown. According to official media, a sub-variant of the Omicron variety of viruses was discovered in Pyongyang.

‘Since February 2020, there has been a country-wide emergency crisis, with a hole in our emergency quarantine system that has held us safely for the last two years and three months’, according to the official news agency of Korea’s Communist Party. The residents of Pyongyang have been infected with the Omicron version of the virus, according to the report, which does not go into much detail.

It was noted that samples from the afflicted patients were obtained on May 8. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered all towns and counties in the country to ‘strictly shut down’ their areas to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to KCNA. Kim emphasized that emergency medical supplies should be readily available.

Kim stated during a Workers’ Party conference scheduled to review reactions to the initial coronavirus epidemic that the current emergency quarantine system aims to limit and manage the spread of the coronavirus. According to the KCNA, it is also targeted at fast-mending affected persons in order to eliminate the source of transmission in the shortest amount of time.


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