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Two woman, including mother, arrested for selling 5-day-old baby in chennai

On Tuesday, May 10, Chennai Police detained two ladies, including the mother of a five-day-old baby, for trying to traffic the baby. The other accused had paid Rs 5,000 to the mother for the child. On the outskirts of Chennai, in Mappedu, Selaiyur, an incident occurred. The mother worked as a sanitary worker, while her husband worked as a day labourer, according to the police. According to the New Indian Express, they already had two children and this was their third.


The mother told the police that raising two children was difficult because of the couple’s terrible financial situation. ‘The newborn only added to our burden,’ she said. As a result, the mother chose to sell the baby to a colleague, who told police that she bought the child for her brother, who had been childless for ten years.


The incident was only revealed after the mother’s relatives noticed the baby had gone missing. The relatives filed a formal complaint, which led to an investigation and the arrest of the two women.


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