‘Capitalist’ trends like tight jeans, dyed hair and piercings are outlawed in THIS country: Report

The dictatorship of Kim Jong Un is expanding its assault on ‘decadent’ Western fashion trends in North Korea, such as colored hair, tight pants, and piercings. According to Radio Free Asia, North Korea’s Socialist Patriot Youth League is now targeting women in their 20s and 30s who wear their hair down to their waists, color it brown, or wear clothing with huge foreign characters.

According to an unidentified Hamhung resident who talked to a US government-sponsored charity news site, North Korea’s regime is also targeting ladies who wear curve-hugging pants. Those who are discovered outside wearing ‘capitalist flair’ apparel must wait on the side of the road until a youth patrol has finished searching the area for other violators.

As per the story, all criminals are subsequently transferred to the Youth League’s office, where they must confess their crimes in writing. They will only be permitted to return home if someone furnishes them with more appropriate clothing. According to an unidentified RFA source, the increased campaign against Western inclinations was announced last month during a statewide educational session in which Youth League leaders warned that wearing clothes and having hair like people in capitalist countries violated North Korea’s communist norms.

According to a BBC report at the time, North Korea initially imposed a ban on skinny jeans, piercings, and certain hairstyles, including mullets, after Kim declared Western fashion and speech to be ‘dangerous poisons’. Since then, the Youth League has increased its efforts to identify those who imitate foreign clothes and practises. Patrols in the city of Chongjin have been targeting a local marketplace known as a popular hangout for young people, according to another source who spoke on the condition of anonymity to RFA.


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