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Earthen pots in demand as mercury continues to soar in Hyderabad

The demand for clay pots and water bottles in the city is increasing as the temperature rises. People still favour natural and healthful cooling techniques, despite the availability of freezers. Earthen pots, particularly those with taps and even those fashioned like water bottles, have become a popular way for people in Hyderabad to satisfy their thirst.

The porous nature of clay pots (matka) and their capacity to chill the water within have fueled their popularity. ‘Pots fixed with taps are sought after and these are in good demand right now. Sales have improved over the past few days and will probably continue till June. Our sales have gone up in May, as temperatures have started soaring again after the rain spell’, says Rani, who has been selling pots for the last 25 years.

The earthenware is being sold all across town. Traditional trading areas including Monda Market, Kummarwadi Road in Asif Nagar, and Sultan Bazaar, on the other hand, have a considerable number of dealers.

‘The pots come in different sizes mostly having a capacity of 20 litres to 30 litres. Prices have definitely increased compared to last year. They are priced between Rs 250 and Rs 300 each depending on the size. Pots with taps are costlier. And, the price of water bottles starts from Rs 150’, Rani points out.

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Apart from pots and water bottles, clay utensils for serving dishes and keeping curd are becoming more popular. Design-oriented pots are frequently utilised as ornamental pieces in homes and businesses. The continued Covid pandemic, as well as a decline in pot manufacturers who have moved on to other companies in quest of a living, have been cited by traders as explanations for the increase in the cost of clay pots. With temperatures anticipated to stay between 41 and 45 degrees Celsius for the next several days in Hyderabad, shopkeepers expect an increase in demand for clay pots.


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