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Know about the do’s and don’ts of the ‘Lunar Eclipse of 2022’!

On Monday, the first Lunar Eclipse of the year happened, keeping stargazers hooked to their telescopes. This Lunar Eclipse happens soon after the first partial solar eclipse of the year. The event will be witnessed in many locations throughout the world.

People in India, on the other hand, would be unable to observe the celestial spectacle. The total moon eclipse was not visible in India. It has been observed in South and North America, Antarctica, Europe, Africa, and the East Pacific, among other places. At this time, those who follow Astrology closely adhere to a list of dos and don’ts.

When the Moon, Earth, and Sun align, the Moon passes into the Earth’s shadow, resulting in a lunar eclipse. According to NASA, a complete lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the umbra, the darkest portion of the Earth’s shadow.

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align in a straight line or get very near to one other as a result of the Moon falling into the Earth’s shadow. The Lunar Eclipse is sometimes referred to as a Blood Moon. The second Lunar Eclipse of the year will take place on November 8.


  • Pregnant people should take extra caution and avoid going outside.
  • To combat evil energy, some families believe in chanting sacred mantras and meditating throughout the day.
  • Bathing before and after the eclipse is regarded to be beneficial in many houses.
  • Do not engage in sexual activities.
  • Many people believe that following the eclipse, holy basil leaves or seeds should be added to food to cleanse the negativity.


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