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‘Born this way’: Queer people receive ‘coming out’ kits from a Chinese company

Coming out to one’s family and loved ones is one of the most difficult undertakings for a queer person. They are troubled by questions such as, ‘Will they accept me and my sexuality?’ and ‘How can I start the conversation?’ The dialogue may be much more challenging for Chinese youth.

In this extremely conservative culture, the issue of ‘sex’, both heterosexual and others, remains taboo, and coming out of the closet is difficult. However, a Chinese startup called Trueself is now attempting to make the road to self-acceptance easier. A package dubbed ‘A Journey to Trueself’ has been released by the organization. It gives step-by-step guidance on how to approach someone about their sexuality.

It costs $15 and comes with a deck of 50 cards that can assist in launching and ease awkward talks. These cards include 50 frequently asked questions by parents, as well as testimony from other gay people who have spoken up to their family and friends. According to Hu Zhijun, the Trueself kit’s developer, it will not be a one-size-fits-all product. Instead, the kit would be a ‘gift to find one’sa real self,’ he told Sixth Tone.

Hu, who used to organize gatherings for the LGBTQ+ community before the epidemic, came up with the concept for this kit. She heard a lot of talks about ‘how do I start the conversation with my mom/dad/parents?’ While this is a wonderful beginning toward starting healthy talks and fostering self-acceptance, the $15 kit isn’t exactly affordable for everyone in a country where the lowest hourly salary is $3.90.



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