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‘Leaked-Video’; Chinese commanders discuss possible Taiwan invasion!

According to a leaked audiotape released by Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese human rights activist, Chinese military authorities are discussing preparations to attack Taiwan. The 57-minute YouTube video, allegedly made by Lude media, depicts a top-secret conference of Chinese military officers discussing the ‘war situation change’ in terms of military preparation and mobilization against Taiwan.

The commanders in the video/audio recording can be heard stating ‘firmly follow the commands of the party central committee, President Xi, and resolutely complete the Guangdong mission to provide resources for a strategic and decisive victory We will not hesitate to initiate a war, destroy Taiwan’s independence and powerful adversaries’ machinations, and steadfastly safeguard our national sovereignty and territorial integrity’, it states.

‘This is the Party Central Committee’s, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s, key strategic decision to coordinate the large picture of foreign and domestic affairs’. Zeng’s YouTube video has gone viral, with specialists investigating China’s avowed intention of annexing Taiwan. However, it is yet unconfirmed and is being investigated by numerous security organisations.

The shocking video is captioned ‘War mobilisation meeting of the PLA and Guangdong Province’ and is classified as a ‘top secret tape’.  It describes ‘mobilisation’ in six major Pearl River Delta cities, as well as the primary deployment of the 74th Army Group as ‘essential’ support.  In terms of mobilisation concentration,’ the commander is heard stating, ‘we need to synchronise the two areas of the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea’.

The debate also discloses commanders who are ready to deploy ultra-short wave, Tiantong-1 satellite phones to build mobile communications in motion, including the usage of 140,000 soldiers, 953 ships of all sorts, and 1,653 units of various unmanned equipment, including drones. As part of the mobilisation plan, the commanders planned to deploy 38 aircraft, 588 railway carriages, and 19 civic infrastructure like airports and docks in order to ‘provide full assistance for the decisive fight at the Taiwan Strait’.

The commanders intend to ‘mobilise abroad Chinese and overseas Chinese organisations to actively participate in supporting’ military operations, according to the video. A ‘sea defence brigade’ with an emphasis on the ‘Pearl River Delta region to avert turmoil’ is part of the strategy. Jennifer Zeng stated the conference was held on May 14 and was ‘top secret,’ adding that ‘according to CCP & PLA guidelines, anyone who tries to divulge information about this meeting faces execution.’



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