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Here are some tips to save money without switching off the AC!

The extreme heat has exacerbated the urgent demand for air conditioners to be used throughout the day. However, using air conditioners (ACs) on a regular basis might result in high power costs that many people cannot afford. If you can’t stand the heat but can’t stand the bill, here are some ideas.

  • Set the proper temperature for your AC;
    According to a study, a degree rise in your air conditioner’s temperature will help you save 6% on power. When you reduce the temperature of your air conditioner, the compressor works for a longer period of time, which raises your power cost. You should leave the AC at its preset temperature to reap the maximum benefits. You may save up to 24% this way.
  • Set temperature to 24 degrees Celsius;
    Those who live in hotter sections of the country frequently feel compelled to set their AC temperature to 18 degrees Celsius. Because we already know that raising the temperature can help you save 6% on power, you may adjust the temperature to a pleasant 23-24 degrees Celsius. Because the average human body temperature is 36 degrees Celsius, anything less than that will make you feel chilly.
  • Shut all air exit points correctly ; 
    When we switch on the air conditioner, we remember to close the room door, but we frequently forget to check the windows. You should thoroughly inspect the windows and close the curtains to prevent cold air from escaping.
  • Turn the AC on and off at regular intervals ;
    If you want to keep cool all day, try the turn on and off strategy. Following this, you must switch off the air conditioner when you believe the room is sufficiently cool. Keep your room’s door closed to prevent chilly air from escaping. When you sense the room becoming too hot, turn on the air conditioner.
  • Get regular AC service ;
    The duct and air vent of your AC can accumulate a lot of dust. As a result, you might not be able to obtain cool air. The dust will make your air conditioner work harder to provide cool air. While your air conditioner is being serviced, you may replace the filthy filter with a new one. A clean filter will help you save 5 to 15% on your power bill.

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