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‘Is India under attack?’ BJP takes issue with Rahul Gandhi-Jeremy Corbyn photo

Rahul Gandhi’s selfie with controversial UK MP Jeremy Corbyn has sparked a political storm, with the governing BJP strongly criticizing the Congress scion’s support for the British politician who ‘vehemently hates India’. The Karnataka BJP has sent a stinging tweet in response to the high-profile meeting in London, saying: ‘UK MP and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: vehemently hates India, supports Pakistan’s position on Kashmir, is a rabid Hindu hater, and a terrorist sympathizer. What is Congress owner and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi doing with him?’

‘Is he scheming against India with yet another Toolkit?’ the BJP state unit wondered. The BJP’s issue with Jeremy Corbyn originates from the MP’s repeated tweets on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, which India has consistently said is a domestic problem. In response to the BJP’s onslaught of tweets, Sam Pitroda, a longtime Gandhi family assistant, told India Today TV: ‘He (Corbyn) is a personal friend of mine who stopped by the hotel for a cup of tea. There is nothing political about this’.

‘Politics isn’t everything in life. Furthermore, having friends that may not always agree with you is beneficial. That is what diversity and inclusion are all about. Treat everyone with decency and respect, regardless of circumstance’, in an apparent swipe at the BJP, he said. The Congress’s spokesperson, Randeep Surjewala, quickly responded to the BJP by releasing another photo of Jeremy Corbyn, this time with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

‘Finally, may I ask our media contacts to identify the two males in the image below and ask the same questions? Does this suggest that the Prime Minister has agreed with Jeremy Corbyn’s views on India?’ Surjewala posted a snapshot of Prime Minister Modi shaking hands with Corbyn. The former Congress head’s tour to the United Kingdom has been overshadowed by controversy, with the former Congress chief making startling remarks at a Cambridge event that India is now occupied by the Deep State.


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