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You may soon be able to ‘modify text messages’ sent using WhatsApp!

Although Twitter does not currently have an edit button, WhatsApp is anticipated to add one in the near future. The messaging app was testing the edit button in the software’s beta version. WhatsApp presently lacks a dedicated editing capability. A text can only be deleted after it has been sent. However, a future feature may allow you to edit texts after they’ve been delivered.

Wabetainfo, a website that tracks all WhatsApp-related news, discovered the feature. WhatsApp has transformed the way we communicate with one another. Following the implementation of the message reaction function, WhatsApp will soon allow users to edit messages after they have been delivered. WhatsApp is alleged to have begun work on the feature five years ago, but it was soon scrapped once it was disclosed on Twitter. However, WhatsApp has reconsidered working on the edit tool after a five-year hiatus.

Wabetainfo has released a snapshot of the editing functionality that is currently being developed. When you choose a message you’ve sent, as seen in the screenshot, you’ll see a distinct editing option. In addition to copying and forwarding messages, users will be able to edit them. Even after you’ve submitted your message, you may go back and amend any typos or spelling mistakes. In the present configuration, users can only delete messages. Once it has been sent, it cannot be deleted or amended.

‘There will most likely be no edit history to view prior versions of modified messages, but because this feature is still under development, their intentions may change before the function is released. Furthermore, facts concerning the time frame for users to amend their messages are still unknown, but we will notify you as soon as we learn more’, according to Wabetainfo.

The capability was being tested on WhatsApp beta for Android, but according to the post, WhatsApp is working on bringing the feature to WhatsApp beta for iOS and Desktop as well, with more details to follow later. However, because this feature is still in development, it is hard to predict when it will be ready for a stable upgrade, but WhatsApp may begin sending it out to more beta users soon.


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