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India’s first ‘sologamy’; Woman performs mehendi and haldi rituals!

The first ‘sologamy’ in India occurred when Gujarat lady Kshama Bindu married herself, complete with ‘mehendi’ and ‘haldi’ ceremonies. She wedded a few days before the intended date to avoid any issue when a BJP representative objected to her wedding and warned she wouldn’t be permitted to marry in a temple.

She thanked everyone in a video message after the wedding, saying she was thankful for their support and encouragement. ‘I’d want to thank everyone who has messaged me, congratulated me, and given me the courage to fight for what I believed in,’ she said on Facebook.

The ‘sologamy’ became a huge discussion subject, with lawmakers expressing their opinions on such a wedding. A BJP leader stated such marriages were against Hinduism and that Kshama would not be permitted to marry in a temple. Congress leader Milind Deora, on the other hand, dubbed her marriage an example of ‘wokeness’ verging on lunacy. While there were many detractors, she also received support from a variety of sources.

In response to Deora, Mario da Penha, a PhD candidate in History at Rutgers University, stated, ‘We live in a culture where women born under the spell of Mars must marry banana plants, peepal trees, dogs, and clay pots so their bad effect is not conveyed to their future husbands.  What do you call these conventional activities if ‘wokeness’ is insane?’

Kshama Bindu, a Vadodara native, was set to marry herself on June 11 in India’s first case of sologamy. She considers herself bisexual. Kshama has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and is presently employed as a Senior Recruitment Officer at a private firm. Her parents are also engineers. ‘ Self-marriage is a promise to be there for yourself and to love yourself unconditionally.  It’s also a self-acceptance act. People marry the people they love. I adore myself, hence this wedding,’ Kshama, who works for a private corporation, stated.


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