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The people of UK & US have to follow these weird and funny laws; Read on…

Every country in the world adopts laws for the benefit of its citizens. People go about their daily lives with these laws in mind. Laws are meant to create a disciplined society in which individuals adhere to a particular level of decorum. However, some nations have developed such amusing restrictions that you can’t help but giggle when you learn about them. Even if these bizarre laws had never existed, they would have had no effect on the country. Today, we’ll inform you about some unusual laws.

Kshama Bindu of Gujarat recently made headlines in India by marrying herself. This union has piqued the curiosity of many people. Following this solitary wedding, people were more aware of India’s sologamy laws. They soon discovered that such weddings are not permitted in India. This legislation is still comprehensible because one does not require marriage to live with oneself. But there are other rules that make no sense at all, and here they are:

In Massachusetts, England, going to bed without having a bath is punishable by imprisonment. This is prohibited, and there is a penalty provision for it. It is illegal in San Francisco, California, to clean your automobile with your underpants. Anyone who is found doing this gets fined. After 10 p.m., it is illegal in Switzerland to flush the toilet. A fee is enforced if there is a flushing sound emanating from any house.

Human laughing is illegal in the Italian city of Milan. People who are caught laughing face a fine. Gay sex is prohibited in Brunei. Those who are found guilty face the death sentence. But not by hanging, but rather by stoning till death.


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