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‘Narendra Modi will die like Hitler’; Ex-Union minister amid Agnipath protests

Subodh Kant Sahay, a former federal minister and Congress politician, lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, saying that those who act like Hitler would die like him. ‘Modi Hitler ki maut marega,’  [Modi will die like Hitler]’ the Congress leader added. Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das replied to the Congress leader’s attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an interview with IndiaTodayTV. He claimed that using such unlawful terminology was in the DNA of Congress.

‘It is in Congress’s DNA to employ such unlawful rhetoric,’ Raghubar Das stated. ‘I’d like to remind everyone that when PM Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat during the assembly elections, then-Congress President Sonia Gandhi referred to him as ‘maut ka saudagar [merchant of death].’ He went on to say, ‘The people of Gujarat were affected by the use of such words, which is why PM Modi won that election by a landslide.  People continue to demonstrate their support for Modi by voting for him as Prime Minister. Congress is frustrated as a result of this.’

In an interview with India Today TV, BJP politician Amit Malviya responded to Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahay’s statement on PM Modi. ‘ Is this the first time Congress has talked in such disparaging words against the prime minister?’ Amit Maliviya said. ‘The fact is that the Congress is upset, that they have been relegated to a fringe, and that all they can do is come up with this type of terminology for the PM who is truly working for the country. Their angst grows as, even after eight years in government, PM Modi’s popularity continues to surge, and he continues to make top political decisions that bring much-needed reforms to the country.’

Amit Malviya, speaking on the government’s new military recruiting strategy, stated, ‘The Agnipath initiative was something that was immediately needed following the 1962 defeat against China. It was suggested again in the 1970s and 1980s, but the Congress government that was in power did not have the money or the will to implement these reforms. A top Congress leader can only use such rhetoric now that PM Modi is implementing these much-needed reforms.’

The BJP official further said that the violence that occurred throughout the country in response to the launch of the Agnipath project was orchestrated by the Congress party. ‘All the violence, stone-pelting, and arson from Saharanpur to Secunderabad have been at the request of Congress workers.  Rahul Gandhi’s party workers are following his directions after he said ‘Hindustan jalega’ during Congress’s chintan shivir. Rahul Gandhi’s plan for re-election is to ‘burn the country down,’ according to Amit Malviya of India Today TV.

Jairam Ramesh, the Congress politician, disagreed with Subodh Kant Sahay’s remark, saying, [The Congress Party will continue to oppose the Modi government’s totalitarian philosophy and anti-people policies. However, we do not support any derogatory statements directed towards the Prime Minister. Our battle shall be carried out in accordance with Gandhian ideals and methods.’


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