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With only 29 seconds left in the rocket test launch for the crucial “Artemis Mission,” why did NASA decide to abort it?

NASA botched a vital test that would have been crucial in getting people to the moon with only 29 seconds left on the rocket launch clock. Why did that take place? Let’s investigate.

This unexpected termination was caused, according to NASA, by a hydrogen leak inside the rocket.

This was the’mega moon rocket’ project’s’ fourth consecutively abandoned attempt, or ‘Space Launch System (SLS)’ mission.

Nevertheless, despite the failure, NASA has deemed the endeavour a success because engineers successfully fuelled the deep-space rocket for the first time and for the first time, they achieved more of their launch objectives prior to launch. One more test remains for the rocket to pass before it can proceed with its initial mission to the moon.

The first three practises were cut short before the rocket had enough fuel. The unsuccessful attempts also exposed broken fans, leaks, and valves. This required the crew to remove the SLS from the launch pad so that it could be repaired.

According to Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, launch director for the Artemis Mission, ‘I would say that the majority of our objectives were met.’

At a news conference, Thompson also stated that ‘there were perhaps minor details inside that one core target that we fell a bit short on.’

NASA didn’t go into great detail about the unmet goals. The team will decide whether any repairs can be made at the launchpad and whether they need to roll the 322-foot rocket back to its storage facility, according to launch director Thompson.

According to Live Science, the SLS rocket is NASA’s most potent launch vehicle ever. Its goal is to send the first woman and person of colour to the lunar surface and build a permanent base there.


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