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Facebook offered this guy a mega-pay package over ‘Amazon and Google’

Bisakh Mondal, a student at Jadavpur University in West Bengal, India, has received a hefty offer from Facebook. Any job seeker would be ecstatic if he received an offer from a tech behemoth like Facebook. However, in the instance of Mondal, he got three offers from prominent IT businesses throughout the world. Aside from Facebook, Mondal received proposals from Amazon and Google. He selected Facebook because of the higher salary package they were giving. Mondal is set to join Facebook in September.

‘In September, I’ll join Facebook. I had employment offers from Google and Amazon before choosing this position. I assumed that picking Facebook would be the best option because of the large salary package they provided ‘, Mondal revealed this to India Today. He is now a fourth-year Computer Science and Engineering student at Jadavpur University.

‘On Tuesday evening, I received the employment offer. During the Covid-19 epidemic, I had the chance to perform internships at many organizations and gain experience outside of my curricular studies during the last two years. This has aided me in getting through the interviews’, he stated.

Calling every success story a ‘rags to riches’ narrative may be trite, but in the case of Mondal, this is true. He hails from a low-income household. His mother works at Aanganwadi. She was cited in the media as stating she was proud of her kid. He had always been a ‘meritorious’ student, she noted. According to Jadavpur University, this is the first time since the epidemic that students have received a substantial number of overseas offers. Mondal has been promised a salary of Rs 1.8 crore (more than 200,000 USD) each year.


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