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Masks are the rage today! Be safe and join the trend!

The world now is not the same as it was two years ago. There is less movement, less expression of love, and more physical distance. The epidemic has taught us many useful lessons, albeit in a difficult way. When we think the epidemic is gone, another wave hits us. Masks, social isolation, working from home, and other new normals have emerged as a result of the pandemic.

Masks hold an important position in literature and the visual arts. The term has come to represent your emotions and expressions. But, without drawing parallels, we’re talking about the real mask today. It has saved us from infection. Masks inspire creativity both with and without them. Artists all across the world have turned magnificent paintings into masked portraits in amusing ways. Mona Lisa wearing a mask has become a modern-day phenomenon.

This artwork serves as a visual reminder to wear a mask. It depicts the mask as a sign of safety and assurance. The artwork depicts a street hawker wearing a mask and waiting for his clients. The figurative artwork depicts both his fear and enthusiasm to sell his restaurants. Many artists, such as Shivansh Modi, are incorporating masks into their works to embrace the new normal. This demonstrates the function of art during a crisis and the critical need of donning a mask. Shivansh Modi recreates the contemporary Mona Lisa while wearing a mask and adjusting to the new normal.

Susmita Mishra’s digital print titled ‘Stay Safe’ emphasizes that even when circumstances are terrible, women’s roles do not alter. Sushmita Mishra uses vivid colors to depict women during the epidemic. She is our caregiver, superhero, and ultimate provider. During the epidemic, artist Ganesh Chary meticulously illustrates the trend of namaste going on throughout the world. People are restricting themselves from shaking hands and instead of using namaste as an alternative. Masks, sanitization, and emotional stability are all highlighted in this peaceful artwork.





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