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Golden Star Ganesh asks followers not to visit his home in large numbers on his birthday

Golden Star Ganesh, whose birthday is on July 2, has asked his fans not to attend his birthday celebration at his home this year because the actor doesn’t want them to gather in large numbers given the increase in Covid-19 instances. Ganesh then appealed to his admirers not to come see him for this year’s birthday because he wouldn’t be in the city on Twitter as a precaution. Fans of Ganesh may have been disappointed by this thoughtful act, but it has undoubtedly won over some new ones.

Given that the ‘Gaalipata 2’ song is being released to commemorate Ganesh’s birthday, the film’s creators will undoubtedly not let down Ganesh lovers on his special day. Ganesh and filmmaker Yograj Bhatt’s collaboration on the first instalment of ‘Gaalipata,’ which was released in 2008, was one of their biggest box office successes. Therefore, there are unquestionably very high hopes for the sequel to see the team create yet another massive hit.

Ganesh reportedly plans to begin filming ‘Gaalipata 2’ on his birthday and has stated that the tale is unrelated to the first instalment, with the exception of a few first-part characters. The song ‘Naanaadada Maathellava,’ written by Arjun Janya with lyrics by Jayant Kaikini and sung by Sonu Nigam, is being released by the movie’s creators. Ganesh regards the song as particularly meaningful because Jayant Kaikini wrote the lyrics.

Ganesh, Diganth, Pawan Kumar, Anantnag, Bullet Prakash, Vaibhavi Shandilya, and Sharmila Mandre are the stars of ‘Gaalipata 2.’


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