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According to this study, your brain is ‘hotter’ than previously believed.

Everyone is familiar with a ‘hothead,’ a person who is a little bit more enraged than the average person. These folks frequently receive funny nicknames from their friends that generally imply that their heads are metaphorically hotter than others’. What if, however, we told you that the human brain may actually be hotter than previously believed? And this is true whether or not a person is naturally ‘hotheaded.’ Brain fog? To learn more, keep reading.

A healthy human body has an internal temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius. It was once believed that the brain’s temperature would be comparable to the body’s. But this study indicates the opposite.

Scientists from Cambridge University have found that average temperature of a healthy human brain is 38.5 degrees Celsius. Some of the inner regions of the brain were even measured to be at 40 degrees Celsius.

40 volunteers between the ages of 20 and 40 were gathered by the researchers for their study. By scanning them in the morning, afternoon, and late at night, the temperatures of their brains were measured.

Differences in lifestyle and genetic makeup were taken into account. Additionally, wrist-worn activity trackers were given to the volunteers.

The average brain temperature of healthy subjects was found to be 38.5 degrees Celsius. The temperature under the tongue was more than two degrees cooler than this. The study also discovered that throughout the day, the brain’s temperature changed based on

Region of the brain
time of day
sex and menstrual cycle

It was also found that brains of female participants were 0.4 degrees Celcius hotter than male volunteers.


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