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Hackers target govt sites to ‘avenge’ Nupur Sharma’s remarks; India seeks Interpol’s help

According to the DCP of Ahmedabad Police’s cyber crime section, India is requesting Interpol’s assistance in apprehending two hacker organisations known as ‘Dragon Force Malaysia’ and ‘Hacktivist Indonesia,’ which launched a cyber war against New Delhi.

The two organisations have invited Muslim hackers from throughout the world to help them in their attack, which comes in response to Nupur Sharma, a former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesman, making inflammatory remarks regarding Prophet Mohammad. A watchlist has been created for both of the gangs that attacked over 2,000 websites.

DragonForce had launched an OpsPatuk or ‘strike back’¬†offensive against India, which was detected by Bengaluru-based cyber security firm CloudSEK, calling for attacks on government websites. To allow others to launch attacks, the gang published Indian individuals’ social network credentials, including usernames and passwords.

DragonForce is a pro-Palestine hacktivist organisation based in Malaysia that has previously been detected interacting with other threat groups, including the T3 Dimension Team and ReliksCrew. The BJP dismissed Sharma from her job, denying any connection between her comments and the views of the Indian government.


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