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Turkey makes tighter rules for pilots leaving for foreign airlines

As the aviation sector scrambles to find more staff in the midst of a busy travel season, the Turkish civil aviation authority is tightening regulations on Turkish pilots who quit and relocate abroad to work for foreign airlines.


This summer, the industry in Europe is coping with particularly long lines at airports, in part due to a staffing shortage to meet the uptick in demand following COVID-19 lockdowns.


According to the Turkish government, pilots who want to work for international airlines will need a letter of approval from their prior employer. The authorities stated that if a pilot resigns without providing a consent letter, their application for verification will not be considered for six months.


According to official figures, aviation travel and passenger numbers in Turkey are approaching pre-outbreak levels.


The Hava-Is union will meet with civil aviation and the transportation ministries to discuss the changes after claiming that the new regulation interferes with the freedom of labour and individual rights of pilots.


Hava- There is reportedly a significant need for Turkish pilots among Gulf nations and North American airlines. In Turkey, there are 10,525 licenced pilots, according to data from the aviation authorities.


  1. Germany announced last month that it will expedite work permits and visas for thousands of foreign airport workers, primarily from Turkey, in an effort to reduce travel disruption during the summer.


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