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Unknown negative effects of eating pumpkin seeds.

Side effect of eating pumpkin seeds

The health benefits of pumpkin seeds, which contain a powerhouse of nutrients, are well documented. These white seeds contain a variety of minerals that can be used to cure conditions like depression and arthritis. It is advised to eat pumpkin seeds in moderation, though. These adverse consequences are less well documented.

Causes allergic reactions

Although pumpkin seeds are regarded to be quite nutritious, some people may develop allergies if they consume more than the recommended amount. Allergies to pumpkin seeds can range from eczema to headaches, throat discomfort to swelling and redness in and around the mouth.

Stomach discomfort

They are known to be super rich in fibre, which is a good thing. But, do you know, that consuming too much fibre can also lead to discomfort in the stomach? Too much fibre can cause gas in the body. It’s important to practice portion control when having pumpkin seeds.

May damage throat

Well, the possibility of throat damage may not sit well with individuals who enjoy pumpkin seeds. Swallowing them can make your oesophagus uncomfortable. Therefore, if you enjoy pumpkin seeds, be careful to chew them well.

May lead to unwanted weight gain

Pumpkin seeds are incredibly tasty, but eating too many of them could result in unintentional weight gain because they contain a lot of fat and too many calories. Make sure you just consume 2 teaspoons of the seeds at a time.

Unsafe for hypotensive people

It is said these seeds can harm some people who are prone to low blood pressure. Pumpkin seeds are known to be rich in potassium that helps in decreasing the blood pressure. Thus, if you really like pumpkin seeds, consume them in a limited quanitity.


They are undoubtedly among the best snacks you can have, but moderation is the tip of the day. They are among the healthiest foods on the planet, but it is important to remember that their consumption should not go above the daily suggested amount.



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