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NASA James Webb Space Telescope finds evidence of water on a far-off planet.

James Webb Space Telescope photos that were released by NASA as a result of its successful deployment astounded everyone. The most advanced telescope ever built by humankind is ready to solve cosmic mysteries from the distant reaches of space that were previously hidden from human eyes or lenses.

However, a different discovery confirms the telescope’s potential. Water has been found by the telescope on a far-off planet. The atmosphere of this gas giant has been shown to contain water.

‘WASP-96 b is one of more than 5,000 confirmed exoplanets in the Milky Way. Located roughly 1,150 light-years away in the southern-sky constellation Phoenix, it represents a type of gas giant that has no direct analog in our solar system. With a mass less than half that of Jupiter and a diameter 1.2 times greater, WASP-96 b is much puffier than any planet orbiting our Sun. And with a temperature greater than 1000°F, it is significantly hotter. WASP-96 b orbits extremely close to its Sun-like star, just one-ninth of the distance between Mercury and the Sun, completing one circuit every 3½ Earth-days,’ says NASA.

Researchers frequently look for water when looking for life. Life began in water even on Earth.

It is not required for alien life to take the form of the tentacle-wielding creatures made famous by movies and books. Finding even a minuscule form of life is a significant development in the search for extraterrestrial life. Additionally, there is a high probability of microscopic life anywhere there is water.

Have aliens been discovered? To be completely positive, let’s wait for James Webb Space Telescope to further survey the skies.


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