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Is Facebook’s era of ‘move fast and break things’ still haunting it?

According to a new report by Recode and The Verge, Facebook’s era of ‘move fast and break things’ is still haunting the social media network. The report sheds light on how CEO Mark Zuckerberg wished to make Facebook more similar to Windows.

When Facebook introduced the ‘move fast and break things’ motto, mobile phones and the app economy were just getting started. Zuckerberg’s original vision for social media brought us FarmVille and ‘Log in with Facebook,’ and was responsible for leading the company into one of its biggest scandals, ‘Cambridge Analytica.’

In the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ scandal, Facebook was found guilty of disclosing the personal information of 87 million users to a political consulting firm that worked on former US President Donald Trump’s campaign. Steve Bannon approached conservative megadonors Rebekah and Robert Mercer to fund a political consulting firm, which resulted in the formation of Cambridge Analytica.

When Bannon became the vice president of Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 election, he reached out to Trump. Previously, the Wall Street Journal reported that Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix contacted Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about the emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee’s servers.

According to a former Cambridge Analytica employee, the company obtained its data from Facebook via researcher Aleksandr Kogan. Facebook was unaware that a third-party developer had exploited a security flaw to collect information on not only app users but also their friends. Meta Platforms Inc is attempting to transition away from its complicated legacy as a social media company and toward a futuristic metaverse vision in order to reshape the future of the internet.

From the functioning of global democracy to the mental health of teenagers, both users and regulators are concerned that the company’s products are causing harm to society. Facebook and Instagram are rapidly losing ground to TikTok, forcing Meta to rethink its entire approach to social media.



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