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Everything you need to know about the cheese that is becoming popular in India: Burrata

India’s best cheese, which is becoming more and more popular.

Burrata is a cow milk-based cheese that is frequently mistaken for mozzarella. It can also occasionally be made with buffalo milk, but traditionally it solely uses cow milk. Burrata is one of the distinctive cheeses that is particularly buttery in comparison to other cheeses in the world; the word burrata literally translates to “buttered” in Italian. Its resemblance to mozzarella cheese is one of the important factors contributing to its growing popularity in Indian cuisine. Learn more about burrata cheese by reading on.

The differences and similarities to mozzarella cheese.

Burrata cheese has a mozzarella-like shell, but it also has a luscious inside that resembles ricotta cheese and is packed with curd and fresh cream. With a creamy and gooey filling inside, it is one of the most wonderful treats one may possibly enjoy. Once you’ve tasted this cheese, it will stay in your memory forever, and you won’t be able to choose any other cheese. It is something that elevates the entire pasta and pizza-eating experience and is increasingly employed in the making of pasta and pizza.

The discovery

The handmade Burrata cheese was created with cow milk by the local cheesemaker Lorenzo Bianchino Chieppa in the 1920s in Andria, Southern Italy. The name comes from the Italian word “burro,” which also means “butter.”

The cheese used to resemble a huge dumpling filled with a creamy filling that instantly burst into flavour when placed in your mouth. The leftovers from the cheesemaker’s cheesemaking process were used to create this cheese, according to BBC. Burrata di Andria was designated as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product in 2016.

A burrata cheese: what is it?

A 250 gm ball of burrata cheese normally contains a soft centre comprised of curd and shredded mozzarella that has a buttery, sweet flavour and a thin covering of fresh mozzarella on the outside. The name “stracciatella” refers to this stretched curd or filling. This mild form of cheese pairs well with the majority of foods because it is.

How is it created?

It can be manufactured in two different ways: manually and mechanically, with the end result being a mozzarella paste “bag” with a “stracciatella” inner core. This cheese has a shiny exterior as a result of the manufacturing process. This cheese is very high in milk fat and has a lower shelf life due to the high pH and moisture levels, which attracts microbial growth. Because it is spoilt easily and quickly, it is often recommended that this cheese is consumed within a couple of days.

Burrata’s acceptance in India

Burrata is an excellent substitute for paneer since it has a comparable flavour and taste, which is one of the many reasons it is becoming more and more popular in India. It has a somewhat sweet flavour and is soft and creamy, which the Indian taste is accustomed to. Burrata is being used in a variety of dishes, from Burrata Papdi to Burrata Paneer Makhani.

Burrata cheese is delicious.

Serving burrata cheese with spaghetti, striped raw vegetables, or even grilled meat dishes is the finest way to enjoy it. This delicious cheese is also loved by many when paired with red wine, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh tomato salad.


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