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Six additional visitors are prepared for their million-dollar space flight with Blue Origin.

Blue Origin has announced the third space tourism flight of the year and is getting ready to fly six more guests on a quick trip to space on its New Shepard spaceship. As it shuttles private clients to the edge of space and returns them, the corporation run by Jeff Bezos is gradually taking a significant share of the recently developed space tourism market.

In addition to the first Egyptian, the aircraft will also carry the first Portuguese and British-American mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien, who, according to Blue Origin, will become the first woman to reach the highest points on land, sea, and air. The Explorers’ Extreme Trifecta, a Guinness World Record, will be accomplished by Vanessa.

Coby Cotton, one of the co-founders of Dude Perfect, Mário Ferreira, Vanessa O’Brien, a British-American mountaineer, Clint Kelly III, Sara Sabry, an Egyptian engineer, and Steve Young, a telecommunications executive, will also travel to space on this mission, which will take just over 10 minutes.

This will be the New Shepard program’s sixth human flight, its third this calendar year, and its 22nd overall since the corporation started working on it in the early 2000s. The debut date has not yet been disclosed by the corporation.

The crew will spend a brief period of time in weightlessness at the height of their suborbital journey, about 350,000 feet (106,680 metres), before their capsule descends back to Earth for a parachute landing on the desert floor. The spacecraft carries the crew to an altitude of 100 kilometers above the surface of the planet, the Karaman Line, which is officially designated as the boundary from where space begins.

‘Each astronaut will carry a postcard to space on behalf of Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future, whose Postcards to Space program gives students access to space on Blue Origin’s rockets,’ the Bezos-led company said in an announcement release.

Although the price of the seats has not been disclosed, analysts believe it to be in the millions of dollars. Tom Hanks, a well-known Hollywood actor, had made a hint that he had turned down the company’s offer to take him into space by remarking, ‘The price is around $28 million. Although I am financially secure, I will not spend $28 million to travel to space. It takes 12 minutes to simulate, according to the data.’

However, the corporation has insisted that the money made from these private tourist flights supports space exploration research.

Launch Site-1 in West Texas will serve as the launch pad for the New Shepard spacecraft. The company began its space tourism services in 2021 when it first launched its founder Jeff Bezos on the inaugural flight.


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