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Popular foods and beverages from our youth that are no longer available

Popular dishes that are no longer available

The most treasured memories that remain in our hearts forever are frequently those related to food. Do you have any fond memories of your favourite chips, candy, soda, or other snack that is no longer available on the market?

Most people remember Campa Cola, Chiclets, Jumpin, Gold Spot, Phantom cigarettes, and other things with nostalgia. But have you ever wondered how these cherished culinary items disappeared into thin air.

Every time a product is taken off the market, brands try to make up for the loss by blaming sales, ingredient shortages, health issues, and environmental concerns. But what about consumer sentiment?

Well, that’s a never-ending debate, but the least we can do to revive the taste that our palates miss is reminiscing the love for popular foods that have so many unforgettable memories and are now discontinued.


One of Godrej’s first products, this tetra pack mango drink was a tremendous hit with both children and adults due to its alluring flavour. The brand, which was only offered in the northern and western regions of India, wasn’t doing well due to new competitors entering the market. As a result, the product was pulled from various markets. After a long absence, the parent firm made the decision to bring the brand back, partnering with Hershey and introducing a variety of new flavours.

Gold Spot

In the 1980s, Gold Spot Parle’s Gold Spot was one of the most well-liked soft beverages in India. In order to rebrand the brand in 1993, the company gave the beverage a fizzy twist to give it more zing. Gold Spot was popular for its refreshing orange flavour, but the brand was discontinued when the conglomerate Coca-Cola bought the rights of operation along with other soft drinks like Limca, Thumbs up.

?Rola Cola

Kids loved Rola Cola during the late 1980s and early 1990s. This cola sweet satisfied a yearning for a chilled, aerated cola drink for just Rs 2. Due to weak sales, this cola candy was, however, no longer available in India. It’s interesting to note that the firm decided to relaunch Rola Cola in response to the social media movement #BringBackRolaCola, according to a news story in a digital daily. After being discontinued for over 13 years, Parle reintroduced the cola candy.


Back then, these colourful chewing gums brightened our day with their vivid colours. But as new players entered the confection industry over time, the market’s dynamics altered, and finally the product was withdrawn in a number of countries around the world. Later, in 2019 this product was again revived due to its high demand, but this time the production was done in Mexico.

Phantom Cigarettes

When we were young, bragging about a candy cigarette was huge! You’ll be shocked to learn that these candy cigarettes contained 80 percent sugar and gelatin, which had long-term negative effects on health. Despite their unique packaging and mouthwatering flavour, these sweets were removed off the actual market following a fuss over health issues. However, in some regions of the nation, these are still accessible online.

Big Babool

Remember making balloons out of your chewing gum? Big Babool was the brand that introduced you to strawberry-flavored chewing gum and taught you how to do it. Although the product was extensively available on the Indian market, sales fell as better alternatives became available. Thus, the product was pulled out from several parts of the country. Now the product is rarely available in selected markets.

Pepsi Blue

The striking Blue Pepsi was introduced in an effort to shake up the soft drink industry, but the reception wasn’t great. The brand was forced to remove the product from the market due to the slow sales. Fans still long for this drink’s distinctive flavour and colour, though.


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