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Europe is experiencing the worst drought in nearly 500 years; Report

According to a new report from a European Union agency, the continent is currently experiencing the worst drought in 500 years. Several European countries have experienced massive wildfires and extreme temperatures in recent months, causing severe damage to both life and property. According to Reuters, ‘the severe drought affecting many regions of Europe since the beginning of the year has been further expanding and worsening as of early August’.

The European Drought Observatory (EDO) report also claimed that the western part of Europe could experience extremely warm weather until the end of November. The recent wildfires in Greece, Spain, and France have caused considerable concern among authorities, and the ongoing drought has also hampered crop production.

The lack of moisture in the soil has reduced grain maze and soybean production in Europe by 16 and 15%, respectively, due to a lack of moisture in the soil. ‘The combination of a severe drought and heatwaves has created an unprecedented stress on water levels in the entire EU,’ European Innovation Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said in a statement.

‘We are currently experiencing a wildfire season that is significantly above average, with a significant impact on crop production,’ she added, according to CNBC. According to the report, ‘47% of Europe is under warning conditions, and 17% is on alert’. It also stated that if the current trend continues, this could be one of the worst droughts in recorded history.


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