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‘Over a million Rohingyas are a huge burden on Bangladesh’: PM appeals to India

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina defined the Rohingya Muslims seeking refuge in her country as a ‘big burden,’ and said India could play a significant role in resolving the issue. She stated that her country is contacting the international community in order to ensure the return of refugees to their homeland.

Notably, at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September 2018, Hasina stated that more than 1.1 million Rohingya refugees are currently residing in Bangladesh. Later, she admitted that 70,000 Rohingya had fled Myanmar in the previous four years.

‘It’s a significant burden for us. You can accommodate in India because it is a large country, but you don’t have much. However, in our country. We have 1.1 million Rohingya refugees. We are consulting with the international community as well as our neighbours. They should also take some steps in order to return home’, Smita Prakash, editor of ANI News, was told by Hasina.

Furthermore, Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina stated that her government has been taking care of the displaced community since her election, with a humanitarian perspective in mind. She also claimed that her government took the initiative to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to the Rohingya community. She did, however, emphasise that this might not be possible for much longer. Bangladesh’s Prime Minister stated that crime involving drugs, women, and arms is on the rise, and that the return of Rohingyas to their homeland is critical for Dhaka.

‘We immunised the entire Rohingya community. But how long will they stay? So they’re staying in the camp. Our environmental risk is present. Then there are those who engage in drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and women trafficking. It is growing by the day. So the sooner they return home, the better for our country and Myanmar’, She stated.

Hasina seeks India’s assistance;
‘So we’ve been doing our best to pursue them, we’re talking to them, we’re talking to the international community, like ASEAN or UNO, and then other countries,’ Hasina said. Notably, Hasina’s statement came just days before her four-day visit to India, which begins on Monday. During the interview, she reiterated that India, as a neighbouring country, could play a larger role in providing shelter to refugees who have been in her country for a long time. ‘ They should return to their homeland. However, I believe that India, as a neighbouring country, can play a significant role in it ‘, Hasina stressed.

Bangladesh forced refugees to live inside wire fences!
According to media reports, Bangladeshi authorities have grown increasingly impatient with hosting refugees, while criticising the rest of the world for not doing more. According to reports, the country has prohibited over nine lakh Rohingya refugees from leaving camps surrounded by barbed wire in the country’s southeast. The report accused the Bangladeshi government of bulldozing approximately 3,000 shops and dozens of private community-run schools in the camps, citing recent actions against Rohingya Muslims.



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