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A new wind blows in Kashmir: Bollywood returns after 32 years

Prior to the conflict beginning in the 1980s, Kashmir used to be a favourite setting for the Bollywood Film Industry. And now, after a lengthy 30 years, the Valley is home to the Indian Film Industry once again. From around the nation, more than 500 requests for permission to film in the Valley have been submitted to the government of Jammu and Kashmir. Until recently, the Jammu and Kashmir government has awarded more than 150 licences.

The majority of previous films were filmed in Jammu and Kashmir thanks to the country’s film industry’s long-standing love affair with the region. People just recently began seeking outside the nation for equally gorgeous places that they could not locate at home, necessitating travel to do their filming. Jammu & Kashmir has the best sites for filming, and lately the LG administration took the initiative and released a new film policy with several incentives and a single window system. The response has been fantastic’, said Sarmad Hafeez, secretary of tourism.

‘Around 150 film units and shoots are currently taking place here, not only from Bollywood but also from the south and other platforms. This has tremendous potential and will benefit tourism in Jammu and Kashmir because it’s a brand known throughout the world. When we saw these locations in 1960 movies, I think today it is more beautiful, and we have many other locations as well. We have added 75 untapped destinations which have tremendous beauty. I am sure these film people shooting here will open new avenues and greatly benefit tourism,’ added HafeezĀ .

The Jammu and Kashmir government’s new film policy places the authorization process within the Public Service Guarantee Act (PSGA). Filmmakers must receive approval from the JK administration within the allotted 30-day window. To make things simpler for the producers, a single window system has been implemented. Online authorization requests are accepted from filmmakers. Additionally, the government is offering these filmmakers incentives to shoot in several Valley locales. Kashmir is improving, which is good news for the local filmmakers in the Valley, and these projects will provide local artists with an opportunity to work on them.

The first multiplex will open this month as the Indian Film Industry returns to the Kashmir Valley. The Valley’s theatres were closed in the early 1990s, and a multiplex is finally opening there after a 30-year hiatus. Kashmir looks to be regaining its former allure. In the past two years, the valley has experienced a surge in tourism, and it now appears that the film industry is returning to its favourite location as well.


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