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Humanoid robots are posing challenges for automakers; Read on…

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is set to unveil its prototype humanoid robots at an event on September 30. While robots are widely used for specialist tasks at factories, other companies have struggled to create commercially viable human-like robots. ‘You buy this big expensive robot, but it actually cannot do much,’ Heni Ben Amor, robotics professor, said.

To help with the labour shortfall, Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robots will be initially utilised in manufacturing and logistics for tedious and repetitive tasks. In the long run, according to Musk, the robot may be utilised in households and even function as a ‘buddy’ or ‘catgirl’ for sex.

Asimo, a bipedal robot created by Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co., acted as the company’s spokesperson but was never put into production. Honda is now concentrating on ‘Avatar’ robots for purposes like remote surgery and robots for disaster assistance. Honda wants to deploy the Avatar robot in the 2030s after demonstrating it by early 2024.

NASA and General Motors collaborated from 2007 to 2012 to create the R2 humanoid robots for space exploration and assembly. They are no longer in development, according to NASA. According to NASA, its current priority is the creation of advanced humanoid robots that can be utilised on the surface of the moon and eventually Mars.

Dynamic Systems-Hyundai Motor
Videos of Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robots dancing, jogging, and performing backflips became viral on the internet. However, the US company’s ownership has changed multiple times, first going to SoftBank, then to Google of Alphabet Inc., and finally to Hyundai Motor Co. In August, Hyundai and Boston Dynamics announced that they would put more than $400 million into an organisation that would prioritise research in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Automation by Ford-Agility
To test the delivery of an item to a doorstop from a delivery vehicle in 2020, Ford purchased two humanoid robots from Agility Robotics named Digit. Agility Robotics, an Oregon-based business, is also aiming to put human-like robots that can pick up and move products in warehouses into service.

Production of SoftBank’s wide-eyed Pepper robot, which boosted Chief Executive Masayoshi Son’s reputation as a forward-thinking tech entrepreneur, was suspended. Rethink Robotics is only one of several robotics businesses that failed to sell their goods, leading to its demise.


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