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Iran: CNN cancels interview with Iranian leader due to requirement for hijab

Ebrahim Raisi of Iran insisted that Christiane Amanpour wear a headscarf at their meeting in New York, so she cancelled an interview with him. When Amanpour spoke with prior presidents outside of Iran, none of them had made this request, she noted.
According to her, a Raisi assistant informed her that it was due to ‘the situation in Iran’. Violent disturbance has been caused by the death of a lady who was jailed in Iran for allegedly violating the country’s headscarf laws.
Last week, a few hours after the morality police had detained Mahsa Amini, 22, she slipped into a coma. According to reports, police pounded Ms. Amini’s head with a baton and hit her head on a car. According to the authorities, she experienced “sudden heart failure” and there is no indication of any abuse.
The protests, which are in their seventh day, have spread to 80 additional Islamic Republic cities and villages. 17 individuals have died, at least.
During his visit to the UN General Assembly, Mr. Raisi would have conducted his first interview on American territory.
When one of the president’s advisers suggested she conceal her hair at Mr. Raisi’s request, Amanpour claimed she was prepared to conduct the interview. Later, she wrote on Twitter, ‘We are in New York, where there is neither tradition nor law with respect to headscarves.’
According to Amanpour, Mr. Raisi’s assistant made it plain that she would not be granted an interview if she did not wear a headscarf, stating that it was ‘an issue of respect’. The US presenter afterwards shared a photo of herself without a headscarf in front of a chair that was empty during their conversation with Mr. Raisi.
After being elected last year, Mr. Raisi issued a decree in August that would implement a new set of limitations. These included the installation of surveillance cameras to watch over and fine women who were not wearing the hijab (headscarf) or refer them for ‘counselling,’ as well as the imposition of a mandatory prison sentence for any Iranian who did so.


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