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Weapons manufacturer Saab to establish new factory in India.

A top executive from the Swedish defence products business Saab announced on Tuesday that the company will build a plant in India to produce its Carl-Gustaf M4 weapons system as it tries to increase output.


Senior Vice President Gorgen Johansson informed reporters at a news conference that the facility will start producing in 2024.


Johansson declined to go into further detail regarding the probable investment that the business will make in the facility.


The Indian armed forces have purchased the Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle.


The company stated in a statement that the new facility will support both its production and components for system users all around the world.


India has been working to increase its defence manufacturing capacity and increase its military exports in recent years. India is the largest purchaser of Russian weapons worldwide.


Rajnath Singh, India’s defence minister, said on Tuesday that the country now exports more than 130 billion rupees worth of military hardware, up from roughly 10 billion rupees ($122.62 million) eight years ago.


At a gathering of defence manufacturers, Singh stated, ‘We have set a target of 1.75 trillion of defence output by 2025, which includes export of 350 billion.’


Since the situation in Ukraine, there has been a rise of interest in the Carl-Gustaf armament system, which can be used against tanks.


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