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Freshers at Wipro- Infosys rejected after providing offer letters, cancels many hirings!

After delaying their onboarding process for months, several IT businesses, including Wipro, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra, reportedly cancelled the offer letters of numerous candidates. Numerous freshmen who had accepted offers from IT firms reportedly had their offer letters revoked after an onboarding procedure delay of about three to four months.

According to a recent Businessline story, IT companies Infosys, Wipro, and Tech Mahindra have cancelled offer letters made to students after delaying the onboarding procedure for months. Students assert that they applied for jobs at the major tech businesses about three to four months ago. They awaited their onboarding procedure after receiving offer letters following rounds of interviews. However, the IT companies made months-long delay in the onboarding process.

The students have just been informed in writing that their job letter has been cancelled. Students also claim that tech businesses have cancelled offer letters due to eligibility requirements and corporate policies. ‘We’ve determined that you don’t meet our academic qualifying requirements. Your offer is therefore invalid ‘,┬áBusinessline reported.

The announcement that IT companies are postponing onboarding or withdrawing their offer letters coincides with rumours of a global IT industry slowdown. The rumour around town is that the availability of easy money for startups in the IT industry is dwindling as a result of the tightening money supply and rising interest rates globally. And all IT businesses, from recently launched startups to established tech behemoths, are being impacted by this.

Many businesses have frozen employment as a result of the challenging business environment. Even industry behemoths like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have urged teams to make better use of the available resources while postponing new hires. In terms of Indian IT enterprises, past studies indicated that these businesses were delaying the onboarding of new hires by three to four months. Additionally, several recent graduates wrote on social media sites like LinkedIn about the process’s delay.





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