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To Apple’s shock, the EU plans to introduce ‘USB-C chargers’ for all electronic gadgets by 2024!

The European Union Parliament on Tuesday passed new regulations that ensure a universal charging port is implemented for electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, e-readers, earbuds, and other devices by 2024. With 602 votes in favour and 13 votes against, the proposal was approved. Accordingly, the vote by the EU parliament upholds the earlier agreement to make USB-C charges used by Android-based devices the norm across the entire continent. Simply simply, any gadget in the EU will need to have the same charging port.

More than other electronic companies, Apple is anticipated to suffer from the decision. iPhones reportedly utilise a lightning wire to charge, whilst Android-based devices reportedly require USB-C chargers. Apple has also been promoting its exclusive MagSafe charging technology to an increasing number of products.

The decision was made in response to comments from users of both Android and iPhone smartphones who frequently complained about having to switch between separate chargers. According to comprehensive reporting by WION, the Cupertino-based corporation has long faced criticism from both customers and detractors for producing numerous versions that burn a hole in consumers’ wallets. Apple is receiving criticism for releasing iPhones without a battery charger, even though it will have to change its charging port.

The strategy, which experts have dubbed a ‘tie-sale,’ in which Apple forced the customer to buy a second product made only by it, was an unfair and unethical business tactic. A $2.38 million punishment was imposed on Apple by the Brazilian government in September, and the corporation was also told to stop promoting its iPhones in Brazil without a battery charger.




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