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Tired of working from home? Brits could become accustomed to ‘working from pubs’!

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, working from home (WFH) became the new standard, away from the commotion at the workplace. Globally, workers were required to stay at home to observe safety precautions. After Covid’s first breakout in late 2019, several corporations all over the world enforced the circumstantial decision of WFH, but it soon became a comfort zone for many. Additionally, terminology like WFG (working from the garden) and WFC were coined (working from the cafe).

Perhaps the world is moving closer to accepting working from bars now (WFP). Would this idea pique your interest? If so, read about Britons who are scurrying to social gathering places. It appears that many businesses are even helping these clients by providing discounts. According to a Daily Mail article, working from the local bar has replaced working from home for some Britons. Given the current cost of living issue in the nation, which is predicted to get worse this winter, several chains have taken note of this trend and are providing discounts starting at only £10 per day to entice remote employees.

Pubs would want to attract clients to keep the company running as they face challenges like skyrocketing energy expenses and rising food and drink prices due to the ongoing cost of living crisis with UK inflation above 10%. However, Brits are less likely to spend money. Therefore, numerous restaurants have developed working from the pub packages to entice more consumers. Since residents in the UK are also attempting to avoid skyrocketing home energy costs, this may be advantageous for both parties.




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