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Avoid these kissing mistakes

Kiss is the most intimate form expressing love and affection.  A kiss evokes emotions of love, care and admiration. Kissing is an art. But in life several people make some common mistakes during kissing.

Avoid tongue play: Never start a kiss with a tongue play. It is  great but don’t start right away with it. Your partner may be taken aback by the sudden move. Only go for the tongue as you both catch the rhythm.

Too much saliva:Too much of saliva destroys the act of kissing as nobody wants to have a kiss with a handful of saliva dripping from mouth.

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Avoid hurry: Hurrying will destroy the beauty of kissing. Begin slowly. Allow the kiss to be sensual, erotic and slow.

Do not start thinking about other things: Once you start kissing, do not  let your thoughts drift away. Stay focused on the person in front of you and kiss their lips in the most romantic and sensual way possible.

It is not just about the lips: During kissing always hug your partner. Let your hands wander around your partner’s body. During  kissing, do not just focus  on your partner’s lips, but on their neck and waist. It will make the act intense.



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