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‘Domestic workers’ in the UAE are now protected by a new law; Those who violate it will be punished as follows…

New domestic worker laws will be introduced by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The regulations will aid in defending the rights of workers, employers, and recruiting firms. As stated by the ministry on October 11, 2022, it takes effect on December 15. Regarding domestic assistants’ rights, the ministry noted that employers must provide a paid one-day break each week, and if the domestic helper works on their day off, they are entitled to a day in lieu of pay or monetary compensation.

A minimum 12-hour break will be provided to domestic employees (eight hours need to be consecutive). A paid vacation of at least 30 days per year and once every two years will be provided to the domestic assistance. The employee is responsible for paying for the helper’s round-trip airfare. Domestic employees are only permitted to take a maximum of 30 days of sick leave in a calendar year (consecutive or divided). Following the first 15 days of full payment, the remaining 15 days will be paid in half.

When it comes to employers’ rights, the employer has the option to decline hiring a domestic assistant if the agency has disregarded contract terms. In this situation, the agency will have to find an other domestic assistant or defend any money received. If the domestic helper changes employment, the employer is not required to cover the cost of the helper’s return to their country of origin. All domestic assistants are expected to maintain the employer’s privacy and refrain from sharing any information.

According to the government, who is outlining the responsibilities of the recruiting firms, all required health examinations must be completed at least 30 days before to entry. Additionally, the agency is responsible for educating the domestic assistant about social customs and culture in the UAE as well as securing suitable housing and living arrangements for them.

The UAE has reportedly added a variety of new sanctions on companies and recruiters, some of which entail fines of up to Dhs10 million, according to The National. To guarantee that contractual responsibilities regarding compensation, lodging, and healthcare are fulfilled, a thorough legal framework is now being constructed. Those who utilise domestic worker licences for reasons other than those for which they were given risk paying a punishment of up to Dhs200,000. Recruitment agencies that shut down without paying employees’ salary will be held accountable.

Employing a worker without a permission or abusing login credentials will result in fines ranging from 200,000 to 1 million dirhams. There will be a fine of between Dh20,000 and Dh100,000 and/or up to six months in jail if fraudulent information or fictitious documents are used to hire a domestic assistant. If an unauthorised worker (depending on the number of workers) is employed, a punishment of Dhs 10 million will be imposed. Penalties for repeat offenders are doubled.


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