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Prolonged screen time causes dry eyes in kids, experts warn!

As a result of the Covid shutdown, more people now spend more time in front of screens, especially youngsters who were using laptops and phones to attend class. Recently, specialists have warned that this increased screen usage has led to children as young as six having painful eye diseases, or simply put, red eyes that typically harm adults.

Most commonly, a person in their 50s or 60s would be affected by the eye ailment. If this is neglected or not properly treated, it can result in gritty, itchy, red, sensitive eyes, as well as many other irritating but severe symptoms. If the issue is not addressed, physicians warn that some of the tear glands in the eyelids may become permanently damaged.

Most people who have been asked how it genuinely feels have said that it feels like cutting onions when asked how it feels. Many primary-aged children are now attending Sarah Farrant, an optometrist and expert in dry eyes, for their eye issues, according to the specialist. Because prolonged usage of a screen causes slower blinking, she blamed this on the increased screen time.

Sarah continued by stating that she had no children coming to her clinic when she first began, but that has changed recently. Young children have frequented her home during the past five or six years, according to her. She saw a six-year-old girl who was the youngest patient.

Dr. Matthew Olsen, a dry eye specialist, claims that dry eye illness has been shown to significantly reduce one’s quality of life. As a result, it is crucial for people of all ages to understand the importance of caring for their eyes since once damage has been done, it cannot be undone.



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