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Infosys to allow employees to take up freelance work, after firing employees for moonlighting

The big IT businesses are accepting of side jobs to a lesser extent. Infosys now intends to permit employees to accept jobs outside of the office, although numerous individuals were previously disciplined for taking on outside gigs. Employees can only do this, though, with the company’s approval. Recall that Infosys had previously let go of workers who had stayed on at two different companies. Another significant tech business, Wipro, sacked 300 workers for doing second jobs.

According to a Moneycontrol article, Infosys is trying to make it simpler for staff members who want to work extra hours. However, obtaining the company’s permission is required.  ‘

‘Any employee, who wishes to take up gig work, may do so, with the prior consent of their manager and BP-HR, and in their personal time, for establishments that do not compete with Infosys or Infosys’ clients,’ as per an email sent to the employees, which was obtained by the publication.

Although the corporation did not use the phrase ‘moonlighting’ in its communication to employees, the document does include some principles that will aid employees in accepting outside work.

‘We rely on our staff to make sure that this does not interfere with their capacity to collaborate with Infosys successfully. Employees may not work in areas where there is a possible conflict of interest or by accepting multiple jobs, according to Infosys’ employment contract,’ the email added.

Infosys has become the second company in the tech ecosystem to allow moonlighting.


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