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No conflict; Infosys employees can ‘moonlight’ with prior approval from managers!

The tech behemoth Infosys has now developed a clear policy surrounding employees who ‘moonlight’ or take on ‘gig’ gigs. Employees will be permitted to pursue side employment after receiving the required clearance from their superiors, according to the most recent advise released by the corporation. The positions cannot in any way compete with the business or its clients or present a ‘conflict of interest,’ it was further noted.

In an internal message that PTI was able to receive, Infosys stated that ‘any employee, who desires to take up gig labour, may do so, with the prior agreement of their manager and BP-HR, and in their free time, for establishments that do not compete with Infosys or Infosys’ clients’. Employees are not permitted to work in sectors where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest or by taking second employment, the e-mail said.

After Infosys made it apparent that they supported the practise, the problem of computer industry workers ‘moonlighting’ grew significantly. Infosys stated that some employees were terminated in the previous year for ‘dual employment’ when announcing the Q2 results. The company’s position on the matter has significantly softened as a result of the attrition rate being among the lowest and the employees’ expressions of discontent at the announcement.

Additionally, Infosys instructed its staff to look for ‘gig’ employment via the business platform. ‘ Accelerate makes it possible for skill-based job matching to suggest the best jobs for workers and rewards both gig workers and hiring managers. Over time, the platform has contributed to giving Infoscions access to a wider range of jobs and more intensive learning opportunities’,it stated.


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