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S Rajendran declares his willingness to resign CPM and criticises MM Mani

Former legislator S Rajendran declared on Saturday that he has no intention of continuing in the Communist Party of India Marxist after days of verbal disputes with veteran leader MM Mani (CPM).


The former Devikulam lawmaker further attributed his current struggles in CPM to Udumbanchola MLA MM Mani.


S Rajendran was charged with undermining the party’s efforts to win the Assembly in 2021.


He is accused of working to ensure that Left candidate A Raja, who had taken his position for the Devikulam seat, which he had held for 15 years, would lose.


Despite this, Raja won the state elections, and Rajendran was expelled from the CPM.


Rajendran also made it clear that, for the time being, he has no plans to join another party.


Mani criticised Rajendran for being ‘ungrateful,’ which sparked a fight between the two senior CPM figures.


He also instructed party members to ‘handle’ the ‘back-stabber’ on Sunday.


Mani’s vehement remark was greeted by Rajendran with nonchalance, but not before demonstrating his own dominance in the area.


‘Any party members who want to challenge my strength are welcome to do so. I was born and raised in these hills. I’m not going to back down from any battle,’ said Rajendran.


In addition, Rajendran had made it clear at the time that despite Mani’s threats, he had no intention of abandoning the nation or the party.


However, it seems as though the three-time MLA has changed his mind after receiving relentless criticism over the last few days.


After his suspension period is through in January, Rajendran was supposed to rejoin the party.


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