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Severe turbulence on Argentina-bound flight injures 12

A aircraft operated by Aerolineas Argentinas from Madrid to Buenos Aires had extreme turbulence, inflicting injuries on at least 12 passengers.

According to CNN, Aerolineas Argentinas flight R1133—an Airbus A330-200 twin-jet engine aircraft—got into problems mid-flight while heading to Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza airport on October 18.

One passenger, going by the Twitter handle adrianceitor, wrote: ‘Well there was some turbulence during which we were not ordered to put the security belt and everyone simply went flying.’ The stewardesses were present as well.

He described people’s heads smashing into the plane’s surfaces. ‘The last seven hours of the flight were a f*** nightmare,’ he added, CNN reported.

Aerolineas Argentinas said in a statement that while nine other passengers were treated for ‘minor injuries,’ three required to be placed under ‘careful observation’ after the plane arrived in Buenos Aires.

According to the airline, the ‘incident’ took place over the Atlantic Ocean as the A330, which was carrying 271 passengers and 13 staff members, approached South America. It said, ‘An examination of the aircraft did not reveal any appreciable damage to its construction.’


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