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Cancer research offers a cure for chemotherapy’s painful side effects!

Chemotherapy is one of the most efficient cancer treatments available today. Chemotherapy, however, targets both malignant and healthy cells in the body. Indian researchers have now developed a medication that targets only malignant cells while sparing the healthy cells in the body.

Indian researchers have created a novel, risk-free method for the treatment of cervical cancer. Researchers from Banaras Hindu University created a micro-RNA that precisely destroys cervical cancer cells. Chemotherapy and radiation are now used to treat cervical cancer, however they also affect non-cancerous cells, which is highly toxic and damaging.

Only cervical cancer cells are killed by the human micro-RNA miR-34a, which also kills the viral E6 gene. This shuts off an oncogenic cell cycle component. The development of a precise and safe therapeutic for the treatment of cervical cancer hinges heavily on this discovery. No negative impacts were observed on healthy or non-cancerous cells during the trial, the researchers discovered.

This is the first study to show that miR-34a suppresses cancer cells by regulating the cell cycle. High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) is a factor in 99 per cent of cervical cancer cases. The viral protein also stabilises several oncogenic factors, including an essential cell cycle regulator Cdt2/ DTL which in turn promotes cell transformation and proliferation.

The role of micro-RNAs in controlling the cell cycle and other cellular activities has recently come to light. The method by which they regulate these cellular processes is not well understood. The newly found micro-RNA inhibits the development of infected cervical cancer cells by destabilising a number of proteins.



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