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‘Comparing journalists with monkeys’; DMK leaders attack BJP leader

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) ministers and Tamil Nadu BJP president, Annamalai, engaged in a verbal spat that intensified after the latter compared journalists to monkeys. In response, the DMK called Annamalai’s comments ‘very condemnable’.  When he was surrounded by reporters requesting him to comment on the Coimbatore automobile explosion case, Annamalai angrily exclaimed, ‘Why are you around me like monkeys jumping in a tree? I am unable to respond to comments made by pets, ghosts, or alcohol vendors’.

In the latest volley of words, DMK MLA TRB Raja condemned Annamalai for calling journalists monkeys. ‘Highly condemnable !!! Shows how the #Sangithva brigade views the Media & #journalists !!! Sadly most of the journos today seem to have given up their journalistic vigour in coming together to condemn such irresponsible language!!! Had DMK ministers spoken like this?’ tweeted TRB Raja.

Senthilbalaji, the minister of electricity, responded to Annamalai’s remarks by claiming that although the chief minister honours frontline workers, the BJP leader refers to them as monkeys. Good men don’t change. Senthilbalaji had earlier charged Annamalai with attempting to politicise the Coimbatore automobile explosion case. Senthil Balaji issued a warning that anyone who disturbs public peace will face harsh punishment as the BJP called for a bandh.

Senthil Balaji said in stern terms that Annamalai was attempting to play politics rather than work to advance his party. After losing his composure in response, Annamalai declared that he would not respond to the remarks of booze vendors. ‘Why are you all around me, hopping in trees like monkeys? I asked you to have your food. I can’t react to the comments of dogs, ghosts and liquor sellers,’ said Annamalai.



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