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Parts of the US’s Amazon workforce are on strike amid reports of a crackdown on unionisation efforts

To better working conditions and pay, Amazon employees have been fighting back with intermittent demonstrations and strikes across the country. Additionally, according to a story by the Guardian, the retail behemoth is allegedly launching aggressive crackdowns on staff unionisation efforts.

Matt Litrell, an Amazon employee, was allegedly distributing union flyers outside a Campbellsville warehouse earlier this year when one of the supervisors allegedly called the police to report him for trespassing on corporate property.

However, the officers eventually let him go as he was not on Amazon’s property. Litrell claims the incident amounted to an illegal-intimidation charge which he later filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), said a media report.

Similar to this, two employees of Amazon in East Point, Georgia claim they were fired as reprisal for submitting a petition and sending it to management. The petition in question apparently got more than 300 signatures and called for better pay and a raise in the warehouse’s minimum wage. Two days later, Brandon Calloway and his coworker were fired, and they have since complained to the NLRB about the firings as an unfair labour practise.

This comes as workers have alleged that the company is conducting crackdowns on unionisation efforts while they have retaliated with protests and strikes. The conditions of Amazon workers and their unionisation movement have garnered attention worldwide. However, the movement has suffered quite a few setbacks including a recently lost vote at a warehouse outside New York.


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