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Profile photos will soon be available in ‘WhatsApp group chats’: Report

New features are regularly added to WhatsApp, which is well recognised for doing so. Users will apparently soon be able to speak in groups without having to see the names of their friends thanks to a new feature being developed by the well-known messaging service.

A report regarding a new feature that is currently in the works was published by WhatsApp development tracker WABetaInfo. Users will be able to view their profile images in their groups thanks to this new functionality. According to a report, the feature is presently being evaluated on the iOS beta version of WhatsApp.

When users receive a message in a group, the profile photos of the group members will be displayed, as can be seen in the screenshot. A default profile icon will appear for those who don’t have their own photos on their profiles or who can’t access them because of their profile settings. The profile icon will change to match the contact’s name in colour, according to the article.

Although the feature is currently under development, a release date has not yet been determined. Even though it may seem like a little improvement, this feature will make it easier for users to recognise one another than before, when they had to view the contact’s name. Also being developed by WhatsApp is a function that would enable users to obscure out private information from images before transmitting them. Every element of the photos can be blurred by users. This functionality will also enable users to obscure out any private information from their photographs.

This functionality was in the works for WhatsApp Desktop beta, WABetaInfo reported earlier this year. To certain beta testers, though, it has begun to roll out this feature. You can try sending a picture to one of your contacts to see if this feature is available. Go to the edit tools option and select the blur option before pressing the submit button. If you are unable to view this choice, you will still need to wait for it. An iOS device already has this feature available.


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