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Two political parties clashed during Chhath Puja function in Jharkhand

Saryu Rai of Jamshedpur East and Raghubar Das, an ex-chief minister and BJP leader, got into a fight over the Chhath festival’s planning at the Sun Temple complex in Jamshedpur’s Sidgora district. Both sides’ followers clashed, burning tents, throwing chairs at one another, and even getting into physical fights.


Several people were even injured in the fight. Local police helped in bringing the scene under control, after which Rai’s followers sat on a protest. Rai’s supporters reportedly put up a camp for devotees close to the location of the Das supporters’ event, which sparked the fight, according to news agency ANI.


After the incident, MLA Rai’s followers went to a nearby police station and filed a complaint against the Das group. Those hurt in the incident were taken to Jamshedpur’s MGM Hospital for medical treatment.


In the fight, at least five persons have suffered an injury. After the fighting started, a big police presence was put in place.


The Saryu Rai group filed a petition to the local authorities asking for permission to set up a camp and provide night accommodation for Chhath puja devotees. Both parties began setting up camps on their own, though, after the administration ignored their request.


Before the 2019 Jharkhand Assembly elections, Saryu Rai left the BJP. He then ran as an Independent from Jamshedpur East and won. He beat Raghubar Das, the previous chief minister.


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