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The longest passenger train in the world travels across the Swiss Alps

The world’s longest passenger train, with about two kilometres in length and roughly 100 linked coaches, recently traversed the Swiss Alps.

Rhaetian Railway (RhB) announced that the train had broken the world record for the longest passenger train at a celebration of the 175th anniversary of Switzerland’s famed rail network. This train is classified as a passenger train even though there are freight trains that are approximately three kilometres longer than this one.

A large screen was set up outside Bergun, which is located halfway down the train’s winding Albula/Bernina track and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, on Saturday, and some 3,000 people paid top cash for tickets to see the journey there. Many people gathered close to the mountain roads and walkways as the train went past the trees, which were painted in autumnal hues.

The itinerary included 22 helical tunnels, 48 bridges, and the stunning Landwasser Viaduct, which rises 65 metres above the valley below.

On August 9, the wealthy Alpine nation’s first train service began. It took 33 minutes to travel 23 kilometres to the northwest from Zurich to Baden.


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