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China launches the last Tiangong space station module, ‘Mengtian.’

Beijing recently launched the third and final module of the Tiangong space station on Monday in an effort to meet its lofty space programme ambitions (October 31).

The module ‘Mengtian,’ or ‘dreaming of the heavens,’ was reportedly launched from the Wenchnag launch facility on a Long March 5B rocket. At 3:27 PM, the launch was carried out.

The Mengtian is a crucial and last part of the Tiangong space station, a T-shaped structure that carries a variety of cutting-edge research instruments in orbit. Tiangong is anticipated to run for about ten years, maybe a little longer. The nation has high expectations for the programme, according to AFP.

As a source of pride for the nation’s space programme, it made history by becoming the third nation to successfully deploy robotic rovers on Mars and the Moon.

The Mengtian experimental module of the space station has precisely entered the predetermined orbit, and operational conditions are normal, according to flight data from the Long March 5B carrier rocket and the reliable calculations of the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Centre, according to Deng Hongqin, commander of the launching centre. He added that the launch was a ‘success.’


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