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Follow these tips to rebuild a broken relationship

Some broken relationships can be rebuilt. Not all broken relationships should corrected as some becomes too toxic. So, if you want to rebuild a certain broken relationship, here are 5 ways that you must try.

Initiate a polite dialogue:  Start a polite conversation with your partner. It may take time to get a positive response as broken relationships take time.

Build the bridge again: Drop the issues between you and see your relationship from a different perspective. Bridge the gap between you both.

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Brainstorm: Sit together with your partner and find a way to bridge the gap, the cracks. Ask your partner to bring whatever that bothered you, on the table so that you can work on it. Build the boundary line because that too is a reason why relationships break.

Apologize: Saying sorry never hurts and if you apologize for the pain you made your partner go through, will already lay a foundation for that bridge to rebuild. You must also forgive yourself for the past and move on.

Think positive: You must think positively and pass on those vibes to the partner you want to convince.


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